Le nom OBLIGATOIRE sur nos boîtes aux lettres ?

The MANDATORY name on our mailboxes?

Imagine a postman, braving the scorching sun, the pouring rain, perhaps even a horde of hungry pigeons, to deliver your precious letters. But alas, he is greeted by a mailbox as anonymous as a spy on a secret mission. And this property tax season, what an adventure without a clearly indicated name!

An Old Lady in Search of Identity

She has seen seasons pass, letters come and go, but our dear mailbox, tired and anonymous, is still waiting to be called by its name. Because a mailbox with a name is the guarantee of well-received mail, and the secret pleasure of seeing your postman smile at you.

In Case of Emergency: Anonymity, the Sworn Enemy

An identifiable mailbox could be your knight in shining armor in an emergency.
Firefighters, doctors, and even Jean-Pierre, your favorite plumber, could intervene with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. Time is gold, and in a crisis, every second counts.

Aesthetics and Functionality: The Inseparable Duo

Back to our box, old and wise, but ready for a makeover worthy of a Hollywood star. With a plaque from PlaquesAGraver, it will not only transform into a reliable guide for your couriers and rescuers of all kinds, but also into a beauty that will make the entire neighborhood green with envy.

Property Taxes and Other Exemptions

Here we are in the middle of tax season, and although we would sometimes like to bury our heads in the sand, it is better to receive them on time. A well-named mailbox guarantees that even less pleasant news arrives safely.

So, are you ready for the Metamorphosis?

PlaquesAgraver offers you the perfect alchemy between aesthetics, safety and functionality. Together, let's make your mailbox a signed work of art, a bastion of security, and the postman's best friend.
The legal obligation is not yet there, but why wait? Anticipate, innovate, and above all, give your mailbox the love and recognition it deserves!

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