Geoffrey a fait confiance à PlaquesAgraver pour la gravure de son couteau de famille

Geoffrey trusted PlaquesAgraver for the engraving of his family knife

We thank Geoffrey for trusting us to engrave the story of his life on his family knife. Below is his testimony:


This knife was given to my father by his parents when he was 15 years old. My father used the knife for scuba diving.

In his early twenties, he carried the knife with him during the years he worked as a ranger on larger properties in northern Australia.

These areas were infested with crocodiles and I suspect my father may have hunted crocodiles at that time.

I can't say if he actually killed any crocodiles with the knife, but I do know there were times when the men came out to shoot the crocodiles when their population became dangerous.

He gave me the knife when I was 15 and I use it while scuba diving.

Since I don't have many of my father's personal items, this knife has become sentimental.

My son has just turned 15 and before giving it to him I wanted to have the names of my father, me and my son engraved on it. As I wanted a professional to do it, I contacted David and he did a super clean job. I am really happy. Thanks David.

Geoffrey (Australian)

PlaquesAgraver Narbonne

Thank you for the trust you have given us for this achievement. Indeed, such an important family heirloom can quickly be spoiled by a positioning or configuration error. PlaquesAgraver does not hide 😰 😰 a certain pressure in the realization from David.

We are happy to have been able to write the history of your family forever on your family knife.

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