FAQ PlaquesAgraver.fr

 Why choose us ?

PlatesAgraver.fr is a site 100% !

All of our products are made in our Occitan Workshop .

Each product is made on demand without an industrial process . no automation of input, calibration. Each piece is unique , each plate is made manually from our graphic software.

Thus, we guarantee the most precise adjustment possible, the homogeneity of font sizes as well as the graphic layout .

This without any additional cost for our customers.

 What are the holdups ?

All orders made from Monday to Thursday are shipped the next day before 1 p.m. (except custom orders). For orders placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we ship your orders on Monday all day.

However, delivery times vary greatly. Depending on the efficiency of the Post Office, your order can be delivered between 24 hours and 7 days after our dispatch (Green Letter or Tracked Letter). For orders shipped via colissimo, we guarantee delivery within 72 hours maximum.

 What is the difference between HD Plates and other Plates?

PlatesAgraver.fr offers 2 types of plates. HD and non-HD (All plates without the HD designation).

The HD plates are engraved by laser technology which allows us to work on a better resolution of images and texts. In addition we offer on this range, to customize the sizes of our plates as well as the option of fixing holes if you do not wish to glue it.

Indeed, the laser engraving allows us in particular to carry out the engravings of the texts without limit of thickness

This technology allows us to integrate all image formats, unlimited fonts with very high resolution.

A laser beam is centered on the surface of a part using mirrors and lenses.

The beam can be moved on the surface using the axis system.

The high heat of the laser beam marks, burns and evaporates the surface of the part, depending on the exposure time. This generates an engraving.

Non HD plates are mechanically engraved, a small tool will remove the 1st layer of color to reveal the second layer.

The disadvantage of this technology, we can make text engravings limited by the size of the cutter (the text has the thickness of the forest)

The rotary motion of the milling knife moves over the material surface. Letters or patterns are milled into the material.

Different materials can be engraved in this way: plastic engraving materials, but also metal surfaces.

How are PlaquesAgraver plates attached ?

The plaquesAgraver mailbox plaques come with 3M adhesive on the back to stick them directly to your mailbox.

However, in order to ensure the best adhesion, we advise to degrease the surface on which you are going to fix it. Ideally a soft cloth with household alcohol or glass cleaner. Leave to dry for a few seconds and apply your plate to its support.

Our mailbox plates stick to almost any surface as long as the support is clean and smooth. (metal, glass, mirror, wood, plastic, etc.)

However, if you want to fix them on rough supports, we advise you to choose (soon) the "fixing holes" option available on all our HD plates.

It is also possible to fix our plates in the plastic slot available on your letterbox. Just slide it inside without removing the protective film from the adhesive. Our plates are in the standard DECAYEUX format (Standard rating of the French letterbox brand number 1)

Can we take off our PlaquesAgraver plates and how to do it?

It is very easy to remove our plates, just slide a cutter or knife blade in one of the corners between the plate and support and gently pull. You can therefore reuse your plate in another home by applying a piece of double-sided adhesive.