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Engraving Original Letterbox Plate 3D Skull

Engraving Original Letterbox Plate 3D Skull

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Discover our original engraved plaque with skull . A label to personalize with the engraving of your first and last name. With 5 colors to choose from, it is perfect for American Bikers and Harley Davidson fans .

Also available in street sign version 👉 HERE

Where to make mailbox plaques ?

The 3D SKULL plaque is a unique model, registered by Engraving Plates® , that you won't find in anyone's home.

  • Engraved in France .
  • Customizable quick plate on 1 to 2 lines at no extra charge.
  • A special 3M exterior adhesive , resistant to UV, bad weather and shocks.
  • Personalization : your text will be centered vertically and horizontally. The customization tool is only a rough visual indicator.
  • Dimensions approximately 129x36mm and thickness 1.6mm.
  • PVC material.

Entrust us with the engraving of your mailbox plaque now !

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